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Friday, November 18, 2016

Past to Present

In our busy day lives, it comes to certainty that we as cousins have neglected this blog. Thus, I am here to write a post for the fun of it.

If I recall correctly, this blog was Hao Yi's idea. I was immediately interested and excited about the blog because this was going to be a family thing and I will be a part of something that we leave behind for people to read about. Well, we didn't leave a lot behind, but we did leave the memories of the great things we had for this blog.

I don't blame us cousins for forgetting about this blog or even caring for it. We all share equal responsibility when it was born, that is the main point of this blog right? To share it among ourselves and for the world to see our ridiculousness?

I will end this post with where I see us cousins are at now and if anyone of you cousins are still here reading this, I love you guys.

Lucas (me) - Currently studying in America. Still try to be goofy and am still a little lame at times I suppose. However, it is a benefit to the little kids I spend time with.

Lex - Currently in America working. I honestly don't know much about what she is up to but I know she has an extremely busy social life.

Steph - Currently in Malaysia working. Probably still gets annoyed by her brother Jonathan but she'll deal with it.

Jonathan - Currently in Malaysia working. Still DOTA-ing I presume. He built a desktop for himself. He has a pretty cool setup going for him.

Lenix - Currently working in America. He doesn't play DOTA as much anymore I think. He is more into Overwatch now. I honestly think he had a huge temper issue in the past but he seems to be way kinder now.

Hao Yi - Currently studying in America. I'm not entirely sure about what's going on in his life but I am sure he is still the same sarcastic creature that I look up to when it comes to sarcastic comments.

Jia - Currently studying in America. I'm also not entirely sure what she's up to. All I can tell you guys right now is that I remember her as being the one who wants to do everything that she finds interesting.

Ethan - Currently studying in Malaysia. He enrolled into a university recently and got a brand new laptop that I am super envious about but hey, he actually needs it so, I'll use my current one until it dies. The last time I saw him when visiting Malaysia he grew bigger and taller. Heck, I think he is bigger than I am now. Not the chubby kind of big. But, the big big kind of big.

Juanny - Currently studying in Australia if I recall correctly. She loves being in the kitchen and creating things. Not making a simple sandwich but an extraordinary one. I feel that she might become an amazing cook in the future.

Jing En - Currently studying in Malaysia. I honestly have no idea what is going on with her! I think our age gap might just be significantly big enough for me not to know much or to get closer to her. I can tell you guys however, that I remember her to be more mature than I was at her age and more funny too. She probably has the best traits from both of her brothers.

Emma - The little joy that came into our lives is currently studying in Malaysia. She is still small and as cute as the last time we saw her. I honestly have high hopes for her and she might even turn out to be the best among all of us. I think this is the case because she is currently the youngest among all of us and we all want to protect her and pass down our best advice. *Or at least I do*

Alright, that's about it for all of us. I have no idea when I'll update this blog the next time but I hope that this won't be my last one here.

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